PetTecc Smart Feeder SF-106




PetTecc smart feeder SF-106 allows you to remotely feed your fur baby anytime, anywhere via a simple to use app on your smartphone, available for both apple and android. PetTecc Smart Feeder SF-106 lets you manage your fur babies feeding times and portion sizes making feeding and caring for your pet easy. PetTecc Smart Feeder SF-106 lets you record video, take pictures and real-time video chat with your pet.  A weight sensor is located inside our Smart Feeder so your pet can receive the right amount of food at meal times.


Smart Pet Feeder For Dogs And Cats

  • 4.3L storage capacity
  • Weight – 2.1kg
  • Colour – White
  • Product size – 24.5 x 30 x 38cm
  • Kibble size – 5mm – 15mm
  • Up to 4 meals daily 
  • Stainless steel food tray included
  • Removable food hopper
  • Power adaptor
  • Memory function – feeding functions stored safely
  • Battery indicator
  • ABS material – nontoxic for humans & animals
  • HD camera with wide angle lens
  • Real time sharing
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Supports 32gb micro SD card – not included
  • Share on Facebook, twitter and WeChat
  • 1~10 portions adjustable per meal (1 portion equals 10g)

Please note | The following model of Samsung are not compatible 

  • Samsung S Series : S8/S9/S10/S10+
  • Samsung Note Series 



About Equipment

Q: Why is there “EEEE” on the screen of my PetTecc feeder?

The three ways to fix this error are listed below-

  1. This error might be food blocking the feeder, users should take out all the food in food bucket and re-install it.

  2. Another reason could be the motor broken, tho fix this please take out all the food and manually feed it and watch whether the impeller is normal. If this does not work, it means the motor if faulty. Please contact sales person to fix this problem.

  3. If the two options above do not work, check whether the pet food grain is in accordance with 5-15mm pet food.

Q: Can F1-Wi-Fi and PF-103 use memory card?

Yes, there is a memory card slot in the inner of the food container, you can put your memory card into it and choose the storage path when shoot the videos or take photos.

Q: can the PF-103 still re-post the videos and photos to moments?

No, for your privacy, videos and photos will only restore in your cell-phone and memory card. This is manually operated.

About APP

Why do you choose your location on the app?

By selecting the correct country or region you are in; you can help the PetTecc feeder associate to the most appropriate server. Please note that if you don’t choose the correct country or region, it may affect the normal operation of the feeder.

Why does my PetTecc feeder fail to be configured?

If the PetTecc feeder has a connection problem, please follow the steps below to check the following points:

  1. Please check is the device has reset, if the connection hasn’t reset before this may affect the PetTecc feeder’s connection.
  2. Check whether your home router is connected to 2.4G Hz WIFI and the feeder is allowed to connect to the WIFI
  3. Finally please check that the password entered during the connection is correct.

We recommend that the PetTecc feeder distance from your home router isn’t more than 8 meters

The APP keeps getting a warning “overfeeding” and the feeder is refusing to give food out, how do I stop this?

A quick way to fix this problem is to takeout all of the food, clean the food bucket and the sensor near the food outlet then pop your pet food back in and restart the feeding process.

Can I add multiple feeders in the APP?

No, only one account can connect to one device at present, you will have to set up two different account and go between the two.
My PetTecc feeder is always offline, what can I do?

Network stability is the main factor to determine the connection state of the equipment, and whether there is an interference around the feeder as this will also affect the the feeder.

Does the PetTecc feeder work when it is offline?
Your Fur baby can be fed normally when the PetTecc feeder is offline. Once you haveyou’re your feeding parameters, the feeding data will be stored, even if the network is offline, it will not affect the automatic feeding.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

All you have to do is hold and press the reset button doen for 5 second until the signal light is blinking fast, and then you PetTecc feeder can be connected to your Wi-Fi again. The device's password will revert to the original state, that is 123456.

How to feed pets manually?
Just hold and press the countdown circle (in your PetTecc feeding APP) for 5s, then the manual feeding interface will appear. You can also choose the correct portions of feeding that meet your fur babies dietary needs.

What makes the small ball turn to red?
When the "small ball" on your app turns red, it means that your feeding failed. There could be three causes for this either a machine failure, a block or additional grain.



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