PetCube Play



Your best buddy while you have to spend time apart. The HD camera features two-way audio and a built-in laser toy, so you can play, exercise and talk to your pet anytime.

PetCube Play is designed to help care for your four-legged kids. PetCube Play is not just a dog or cat camera, it’s a saviour for lonely pets. With the built-in laser toy, play and exercise your pet anytime. If you're too busy, use autoplay mode to keep your furry one entertained. You're always connected, never apart when you own PetCube Play and connect to your PetCube app on your phone.

Award winning industrial design

Colours Carbon Black and Matt Silver

Inbuilt Audio Allows you to hear and speak to your dog or cat with two-way audio

Laser With the built-in laser toy, play and exercise your pet anytime. Ifyou’re too busy, use auto play mode to keep your furry one entertained. (Certified safe for pets and humans)

Sound & motion Use the sound and motion notification feature to alert you of major events happening at home to your mobile phone app. It’s theperfect pet monitor. Know that your four-legged friends are safe and not in trouble

Video - Streams in 1080p HD video with 138 degree wide angle view

Night vision perfect for viewing in low light and no light conditions

PetCube Play size 80.5mm x 80.5mm x 80.5mm

Digital zoom 3 x digital zoom to see your pets up close

Storage Free cloud based video storage always see the last 4 hours of video activity refreshed

App - simple to use app for your smartphone for both Apple and Android download from app store or google play

Connectivity and system requirements: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi with 2Mbit upload and download speed (minimum 1Mbit) a smartphone running iOS 9.3 and higher, or Android 5.1 and higher

Included in the box:

  • PetCube Play camera
  • 3 metre USB Adaptor Power Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Online support team email

Download full user manual -

PetCube Play mount The sleek adjustable mount gives you greater flexibility to monitor and interact with your pet. Now available in Australia (RRP $32.95)

Petcube Care Membership* Video cloud recording service available 3, 10, 30 days

For details visit

12 month warranty

To help you get started 

Click the link to download the full  User Manual for Petcube Play
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Using Two-way Audio or Push-To-Talk

Petcube comes with 2 ways of audio interaction: default simultaneous 2-way audio and optional ‘push-to-talk’ feature that works much like a walkie-talkie.

To start talking and listening, first, make sure the sound is activated in Settings at the top right, then simply tap the mic icon in the bottom left corner (fig 4.10.1).

To switch to push-to-talk audio:

  1. Open the Petcube app.
  2. Go to the camera profile, tap the 'Settings' wheel in the upper right corner if you use Android or tap the ‘Play’ icon if you use iOS.
  3. Tap the ‘Settings’ wheel in the upper right corner.
  4. Select ‘General’ and disable the ‘Simultaneous 2-way audio’ (fig 4.10.2).


Petcube LED has a fast blinking orange light

At Petcube we are working hard to deliver the best experience to Petcube users and we are regularly releasing both software updates of the Petcube application and firmware updates of the camera itself.

While Petcube application updates are installed automatically and almost unnoticeably, when it comes to camera firmware updates, Petcube users will be receiving an application alert informing them of the necessary firmware update.

The firmware update process only takes up to 15 minutes during which the LED light on the Petcube camera will be blinking fast orange color as shown on the picture below:

So whenever you notice a fast blinking orange light on your Petcube camera, make sure not to unplug or reboot the device in the process.

Once the firmware update is installed successfully, you will be receiving another application alert informing you that the latest firmware has been installed on your Petcube camera.

If the LED on your Petcube keeps flasing orange rapidly for longer than 15 minutes, please get in touch with our support team.

Using laser auto-play

The Petcube can entertain your pet with a laser game even if you don't have time to play yourself by activating the laser autoplay mode.

To enable this feature:

  1. Open the Petcube app.
  2. Go to the camera profile, tap the 'Settings' wheel in the upper right corner if you use Android or tap the ‘Play’ icon if you use iOS (fig 4.6.1).
  3. Tap the ‘Settings’ wheel in the upper right corner (fig 4.6.2).
  4. Select 'Autoplay' and switch it on (fig 4.6.3 and 4.6.4).

Keep in mind that currently, the number of laser games is three per hour with each session lasting approximately from 30 to 60 seconds so that your pet can rest between the games. Option to customize Autoplay will be added soon.

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Customer Support

Email Petcube at for more help and information or call the help line - 1300 332 569 – phone assistance available 24/7

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