Petble SmartTag



Your fit bit for pets! Petble SmartTag accurately monitors the activity level of your pet. It then communicates with the Petble App which suggests ways to keep your pet healthy. This advice takes into account the breed, age, height and weight of your pet.

  • No monthly subscription required
  • Monitor activity level of your pets
  • Multiple pet tracking
  • Track activity , sleep & behaviour 24/7
  • View your pets wellness data anytime, anywhere via your phone
  • Set daily activity and health goals based on breed, age, height & weight
  • Catch early signs of illness & discomfort
  • Lightweight – 10g
  • Can be used with Petble smart bowl
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Wireless 4.0
  • Compatible with multiple smart devices


Why SmartTag?

People nowadays are more conscious about their own health. We would purchase products that could monitor our normal daily interactions that would reveal the truth against our preconception of good-health. Pets need the same care. Similarly, the SmartTag improves the conventional way of petting by adding big data analytics into the our activity tracking device. The data captured is scrutinized within our app's database that contains over 400 pet breed entries. The PETBLE app also personalizes exercise goals with regards to your pet's profile such as breed, age, shoulder height and weight. Owners now can understand their pets health from a science perspective. In addition, pet's natural instincts encoded them to hide pains from owners to prevent themselves from exposing their weaknesses. Owners whom are not aware of these subtle changes may lead to unfortunate consequences.

How long can it operate for each charge?

When fully charged, the SmartTag operates for around 7 days. Every time data is synced with the mobile app, users will be able to check the remaining battery power. Due to the nature of any lithium polymer battery, charge will fall away significantly when it's at less than 30%, and the battery may shut down. It's recommended that users recharge batteries at around 30%.

Is it waterproof?

The SmartTag is certified with IP67 meaning that it's waterproof and could be submerged 1m below water level for more than 30 minutes. Allowing close monitoring even during swim time ! The SmartTag is also totally dust proof.

How can I make sure my SmartTag is fully charged?

When charging your SmartTag on its docking station, the light on the SmartTag will turn on. It will go off when fully charged.

Is it a location tracker?

PETBLE SmartTag is a health management device that monitors your pet's activity. It's not a location tracker. We believe that if owners have a better understanding of the health of their pets, it gives both pets and their owners an easier and happier life.

Can it track sleep patterns?

Currently, there are no credible researches that accurately state the sleep cycles of a dog or a cat should be depending on their resting times. A pet can be idle for 30 minutes but it does not equate to a sleeping time of 30 minutes. Products who utilize accelerometer to capture pet's activity should not be able to deduce sleep patterns accurately.

Customer Support 

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