Petble Smart Bowl



Precisely measures the quantity of food your pet is given, great for those with health or obesity concerns.

    • Integrated electronic scale
    • Can recognise individual pets by their Petble SmartTags enables the smart bowl to know how much each pet eats (even if more than one pet feeds from same smart bowl)
    • Be alerted instantly if your pet shows signs of abnormal behaviour via 
    • Offers tailored exercise & diet advice for your pet via app
    • Detachable food container is dishwasher friendly
    • BPA & BPS free
    • Durable & resistant to both stains & odours
    • Long battery life 3 x AA alkaline included


Is it waterproof?

While the entire SmartBowl isn't waterproof, all you need to do to clean the food container (the transparent part) is detach it and wash, dry and replace.

What does the light on the top indicate?

The light indicates various things, depending on its color and whether it's flashing or not:
- Non-flashing green means the food in the bowl is within recommended weight
- Non-flashing orange means that the weight of the food in the bowl is below that recommended
- Non-flashing red means the food in the bowl is above recommended weight
- Flashing green means that the mobile app is connecting to the SmartBowl
- Flashing red means that the batteries are low and need replacing
For more details, see the user guide.

What kind of plastic is the food compartment made of? Is it safe?

It's made of the latest food grade material called Tritan™. The material doesn't contain BPA, BPS or any bisphenols.

How long will the batteries last?

The PETBLE SmartBowl takes 3 alkaline batteries.They last around one month.

Can I place the SmartBowl in the dishwasher?

The transparent, detachable food container is dishwasher safe. However, the main body of the SmartBowl is not. To clean the main body, just wipe with a clean damp cloth.

What should I do if I can't get the PETBLE App to connect to the SmartTag or SmartBowl?

First, try reconnecting with Bluetooth. If you still encounter a problem, remove then replace the battery from the SmartBowl or return the SmartTag to its docking station for additional charge and try again.

Customer Support 

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