The most advanced cat toy ever! Mousr is the only toy designed from the wheels up to play the way your cat wants. Mousr's variety of tail attachments means he's...



Will my cat destroy Mousr?

Mousr is constructed of ultra-tough polycarbonate and has been extensively tested in extreme conditions. While we don’t recommend you try it, we have dropped Mousr from 15 feet onto concrete and observed no impact on his functionality, so your cats can feel free to bite, scratch, and drop to their heart’s content. The most sensitive part of Mousr’s body is the forward-facing sensor on his nose, which is used to detect and avoid obstacles. If the sensor’s window gets scuffed, it could limit his ability to run autonomously. As extra precautions, we have coated the window with an anti-scratch solution and recessed it into the face plate to prevent damage from head-on collisions. We will also make spare wheels available on our website in case they get worn down over time.

Of course, most cats won’t play with Mousr’s body at all – for them it’s all about the tail. Knowing this, we’ve made the tails easily interchangeable. In case your cat gets a little too friendly with her favorite tail, we’ve made replacement bundles available on our website to help make sure playtime always stays fresh.

 Do I drive Mousr by remote control, or does it run by itself?

Both! Mousr can drive on just about any household surface, and our unique Driver Assist mode uses Mousr's sensors and AI to help navigate in tough driving conditions, so you don’t have to be an expert at remote control driving.

Mousr can also run all by himself with his first-of-its-kind auto mode. With state of the art sensing and intelligence, Mousr actually knows when he’s caught, when he’s stuck, and when playtime is over. Auto mode can be configured using the mobile app, and we’re always adding new games and behaviors with free software updates.

Does Mousr drive on carpet?

Yes! Mousr's oversized wheels ensure that he can traverse almost any indoor surface, including fairly high pile carpet. His wheels also enable him to drive upside down, so he can crash and tumble without any pause in the action.

Is Mousr rechargeable?

Yes! Mousr charges inside his custom charging dock. Simply plug the charging dock into the USB port on your computer or any UL-certified USB wall charger with the supplied Micro USB cable.

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 Mousr is a sophisticated auto mode to keep your cat busy

  •  Controlled remotely via bluetooth from your phone
  • Tough polycarbonate shell
  • Easily drives on almost any household surface
  • Replaceable tails
  • Recharges in 30 minutes & can play continuously for up to 40 min

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