Dogness Travel Bowl Due (White)



The Dogness Travel Bowl Duo is designed to we used as a water bowl and for dry food, It’s easy to use, portable and great for outdoor use.

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The bowl is designed to hold water with the hidden water storage. This travel bowl can store 1L of water. By simply turning the button water will flow out of the storage compartment.

The one-way filtration filter uses activated carbon to barrier small impurities to ensure the water is always clean and healthy. Four rubber anti-slip pads are located on the bottom on the bowl to make it stable and easy to use.

  • Dual Purpose Outdoor usage
  • 1L Water storage
  • Portable
  • Feeding Function
  • Rubber Antiskid pads
  • Core Filter system
  • No spills, no splash
  • Easy to disassemble and wash